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Studio 1. Handmade Made to Order - Custom Memory Quilt - Queen


Studio 1. Handmade Made to Order - Custom Memory Quilt 

A T-Shirt Quilt is the perfect way to preserve memories from memorable activities and interests for example sports, cycling, marathons, concerts, or travel (Using Tea towels). Our Memory Quilts make great birthday and Christmas gifts. This is effective method to recollect memories into a handmade family heirloom. Your washed T-Shirts will be stabilized and then assembled using the highest quality 100% cotton fabric. Then professionally quilted on a computerized long-arm quilting machine.
T-shirt Memory Quilts

Traditional Style ~ All blocks the same size arranged in columns and rows (with cornerstones and stashing).
Variable Style ~ All blocks are different sizes and blocks are puzzled together so that there are no columns or rows.
Modern Style ~ Blocks in rows and columns, can use solid colours as fillers.


Queen Quilt  84" x 92"





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