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Custom Made to Order Quilts - Double


Handmade Made to Order Quilts 

Materials: 100% Cotton

Bed Size: Double

Length: 78 Inches 

Width:  88 Inches

Process of making your Quilt 

1 of a kind custom, Made-to -Order Handmade Quilt. (Photos are only example of quilts made)  

Consultation Time

  • Choose a Quilt Pattern
  • Selection of Top Fabrics 100% Cotton
  • Selection of Backing Fabric
  • Design & Planning process

 Piece the Quilt Top

  • Labour Sewing, ironing & Thread Trimming
  • Cut & Patchwork
  • Sew the patchwork

Quilting the Quilt

  • Consultation Time
  • Professional Quilted (the process of sandwiching together quilt top, wadding and backing Fabric)
  • Quilt Setup and Basting of Quilt
  • Selection of Wadding ( Cotton, Bamboo or Poly Cotton Bend)
  • Backing the wadding preparation
  • Selection of Quilting Design & Pattern
  • Selection of Threads

Blocking Back & Squaring the quilt

  • Binding Fabric - Make & Prepare the binding
  • Binding the quilt (Machine down then Hand sewn down the Back)

 The Finishing Touch  ~ Adding a Label

  • Consultation Time
  • Design & Planning Quilt Label
  • Personalised Custom Embroidered Quilt Label.
  • Wording for label and motif for label 
  • Hand Attached to Quilt 

Photo updates of your quilt so you can see how it's progressing.   

 Quilt making process is 6 - 24 weeks