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ROOT: something embedded, fundamental, and very connected to the whole.

the origin of something, also the foundation.

where one thing comes from.

a current starting point and a connector to future becoming.

what might be found in math, code & trees? in us?

Like its predecessor GLYPHS, the origins of this project began in language. I wanted to use the language already inherent in the fields of mathematics, computing, ecology, and linguistics to draw my way into some kind of shared space between the worlds & possibly uncover where they trickle into one another. Mapping a world of nature from the same symbols as what a digital world might build from, i.e. zeros & ones, and then turn a corner to find these symbols morphing tin mathematical trees or roots was a journey that brought forth these vibrant, turbulent patterns full ow movement & life.

If GLYPHS were pre-language, nestled in between black and white before systems were built, then the ROOT collection is rushing forward with shapes and ideas colliding, as color is running wild on the surface.

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